If you have geotagged photos and want to generate a GPS track from them, try this:

I thought I would be able to do this easily with Geosetter, as it's described in the documentation. But the functionality doesn't seem to be there any more. I therefore went back to EXIFtool (That Geosetter is based on)

EXIFtool is operated from the command line, so a bit of a challenge to get working:



First it has to be installed (see other article)


Then you need to get the gpx.fmt file for this function to work, and copy it to the directory where your photos are... The gpx.fmt doesn't come with the executable version of the download, so I had to download the tar.gz version of the EXIFtool download and extract the file with 7Zip !


Then it's to the command line (type cmd into the Windows Start bar):


You need to be in the same directory were your photos are:

cd \Users\Pinocchio\Documents\Tim\Website\Hampi\ToGeotag


Then enter the following EXIFtool command:

exiftool -r -if "$gpsdatetime" -fileOrder gpsdatetime -p gpx.fmt \Users\Pinocchio\Documents\Tim\Website\Hampi\ToGeotag > \Users\Pinocchio\Documents\Tim\Website\Hampi\ToGeotag\Hampi.gpx


The output file, Hampi.gpx, is the track joining up each photo!


Tip: If your photos came from different cameras, rename the photos so that they are numbed concurrently (use IrfanView), then use the following command:

exiftool -p gpx.fmt \Users\Pinocchio\Documents\Tim\Website\Hampi\ToGeotag\Small > \Users\Pinocchio\Documents\Tim\Website\Hampi\ToGeotag\Small\Hampi3.gpx

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